Zoning Map
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About project

The purpose of the given project is creations an interactive zoning map of Rivne city.
The system consists of two parts:

  1. Rules of use and building up territory of Rivne city, which are a component to the ДProject of town-planning development Rivne cityФ and was developed by the State scientific research institute of designing of cities ДDipromistoФ (Kiev) to order executive committee of the Rivne city council.
  2. The scheme УZoning of Rivne cityФ and map of protection zones of cultural inheritance objects in the central part of Rivne city, which are developed ДUkrNSIProjectrestorationФ at the State committee of building, architecture and the inhabited policy of Ukraine.

The interactive zoning map of Rivne city provides one of the main conditions of zoning Ц their openness and availability.

Users of the given product can be city administration bodies, departments which are engaged in conciliatory activity, every persons whom want to invest money in city development, and also all city community which provides a transparency of town-planning process by public discussions.


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